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it-camp for learning the JavaScript programming language

JavaScript Camp

“We predict that serverless will grow rapidly. We also predict that on-premises hybrid cloud applications will shrink over time, although some deployments may persist due to regulatory and data governance constraints.

Serverless computing will become the standard computing paradigm in the cloud age, largely replacing server-side computing and thus ending the client-server era. "

Cloud Programming Simplified: A Berkeley View on Serverless Computing, February 10, 2019


From this forecast, the demand for serverless technologies is obvious, and therefore for resources teaching these technologies. Therefore, we organized a programming school where we teach serverless technologies AWS Amplify, as well as prepare for them by teaching English using Emoji, JavaScript, React Native and Type Script.


For this, we have created a mobile application Sumerian School, a site and YouTube channel, where for training we use 3D avatars available by default in Amazon Sumerian, thanks to which you can easily create exciting 3D -Interfaces. They also integrate with AWS services to provide easy access to machine learning, chatbots, code execution and more. With this tool we can create videos, educational materials in popular languages ​​of the world and publish them on our site and on YouTube channel.

Purpose of the program

Prepare for the course on mobile development in the React Native / Type Script / AWS Amplify stack and for certification in AWS Certification, where in the process of preparation you will receive a wide range of expertise, resources and programs. We will help you effectively validate your cloud and mobile development expertise that every business needs today.


JavaScript Camp - JS Camp

We were inspired to create our online JavaScript course in popular languages ​​from the book Code for Teens: JavaScript - Jeremy Moritz.


The uniqueness of the book is that it is adapted for children to study with its simplicity of presentation, its only drawback is that the number of topics set out in it is not enough to create real projects. Therefore, we set ourselves the task of creating a book JavaScript for Kids with preparation for studying the course on mobile development on the React Native library.


At this point in time, our mobile app implements English and JavaScript tests. To implement this case, we used the AWS Amplify services . You can read more about how we implemented the authentication service here, as well as how we connected the App Sync service here.

App Sync

AWS AppSync simplifies application development by allowing you to create a universal API for securely accessing, modifying, and merging data from multiple sources. AppSync is a managed service that uses GraphQL so that applications can easily retrieve only the data they need.


It is an API specification, a query language for the API, and a runtime for making those queries with your data. It shares some similarities with REST and is the best replacement for REST. GraphQL was introduced by Facebook in 2015, although it has been used internally since 2012.


English by Emoji

Since English is the basis of programming languages, and in Russia, where I come from, it is not my native language, understanding this, we prepared a program for learning English in a playful way using emoji. Emojis have entered our life so much that films are being made about them . At the moment, the course contains 700 words, which are divided into 12 topics: alphabet, numbers, food and drink, animals, activity, clothes, travel, objects, symbols, time, people, nature. The course is also suitable for those who want to navigate the entire emoji palette well to create emotional social media posts. A video playlist on this topic is available here.


React Native

Who doesn't know React Native is a library for creating interfaces for iOS and Android, AR / VR and creating websites from Facebook. Do you think we have succeeded in solving this problem? Write to me personally about this in Discord. We have created a course of 29 topics, which even schoolchildren from 10 years old are now taking. With React Native, it's a direct road to mobile development. Our course is aimed at those who are completely from scratch and it is better to start with us, as you will save time and you will not need to learn HTML and CSS, getting your hands on sites. With React Native, we typeset UI interfaces on JS objects, so with one knowledge of JavaScript, you can rush with us straight into mobile development. This course contains the minimum knowledge you need to create mobile applications using the React Native library with AWS Amplify.


AWS Amplify

AWS Amplify – it is a set of tools and services that can be used together or separately by web and mobile developers to build scalable end-to-end applications on AWS. With Amplify, you can configure application backends and connect applications in minutes, deploy static web applications with a few clicks, and easily manage application content outside of the AWS console. Amplify supports popular web platforms like JavaScript, React, Angular, Vue, Next.js, and mobile platforms like Android, iOS, React Native, Ionic, Flutter (preview). Fast time to market with AWS Amplify.

Type Script

JavaScript was originally created to make web pages live. Due to its ease of use, it gained popularity and began to be used on almost all platforms. JavaScript code is built on scripts, which are supposed to be small and fast. The developers didn't think that JavaScript would be used to write applications with a lot of code. In this connection, large applications written in JavaScript have problems. Here is some of them:

  1. Due to the interpretability of the language, you can find out about the error only after executing the code;
  2. The complexity of using the practices of object-oriented programming;
  3. Dynamic typing.

To solve such problems, the TypeScript programming language was created.


TypeScript is a programming language introduced by Microsoft in 2012 and marketed as a web application development tool that extends JavaScript. TypeScript is backward compatible with JavaScript and compiles to the latter. In fact, once compiled, a TypeScript program can be executed in any modern browser or shared with the Node.js server framework. TypeScript code looks almost the same as JS code and if you have experience in frontend development, learning TypeScript is quite simple. Especially considering that you can write JS code directly in TS scripts. So we decided to teach him in our JS Camp it-camp.

Music album

The JS course consists of articles, video tutorials, podcasts, and music tracks. We created the first ever JavaScript music album. Which is available now at SoundCloud in Russian. I invite you to perform it in your own language.



In the last update of our application, a user loyalty system was released. Now everyone who has passed the English, JavaScript, ReactNative, TypeScript, AWS Amplify exams receive the corresponding badges in our Sumerian School application, which can be downloaded for free for iOS and Android here. True, tests are still available only in English and JavaScript, but this year they will be on all topics.


Open Source

Our project is available Open Source, so you can also participate in its development. We call for the translation of the site into languages other than English, Russian and Chinese, so everyone can contribute to it.

open source

YouTube movies

We also launched a video series in Russian with the participation of children. If you want to engage in the development of your child by integrating him into our project in your native language with our franchise, then write to us at Discord.

JS Camp Program

We begin offline classes with the assembly of the Rubik's cube and those who collected the Rubik's cube enter the first grade.

💛 First class - Java Script, teacher Fiona Miller.


💚 Second class - React Native, development and layout of the system of atomic components in mobile applications iOS, Android, as well as AR / VR systems in augmented and virtual reality with a library from Facebook. Teacher Grace Willie.


💙 Third class - TypeScript, atomic component system typing, teacher Maya Lakshmi.

Java Script

💜 Fourth class - AWS Amplify, serverless computing on AWS Amplify functions. Server Serverlesskiy teacher.

Java Script

🤍 Optional Video Blogger Course - Piloting training avatars for our training video courses, hosts of AWS Sumerian technology. Preston Wild teacher.

Java Script

💟 Preparatory class in English. Teacher Cris Brown.

Java Script

Course author

The author of the Java Script course - Server Serverlesskiy, is the creator of the first React Native training course in the Russian Internet, as well as the first Russian blogger-programmer in the AWS Comunity Builders program from Amazon.


Learning process

Training takes place in the application Discord.


How much

Training is free, but you can support our startup through Patreon.

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